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A collection of (easy) katas in java

Prime Numbers


Decompose any number in its prime factors



A simple FizzBuzz implementation

Roman Numerals


A simple number converter - from Roman to Arabic and reverse.

Potter Kata


A simple discount calculator.

Anagram Kata

Write a program to generate all potential anagrams of an input string. For example, the potential anagrams of abcd are

abcd, abdc, acbd, acdb, adbc, adcb,
bacd, badc, bcad, bcda, bdac, bdca,
cabd, cadb, cbad, cbda, cdab, cdba,
dabc, dacb, dbac, dbca, dcab, dcba

Tennis Kata


A tennis score calculator. The scoring system is rather simple:

  • Each player can have either of these points in one game 0 15 30 40
  • If you have 40 and you win the ball you win the game, however there are special rules.
  • If both have 40 the players are deuce.
  • If the game is in deuce, the winner of a ball will have advantage and game ball.
  • If the player with advantage wins the ball he wins the game
  • If the player without advantage wins they are back at deuce.

PokerHands Kata


Compare several pairs of poker hands and indicate which, if either, has a higher rank.

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