FrameworkBenchmarks setup builder

Simple builder for the TechEmpower/FrameworkBenchmarks project.

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What's that project called FrameworkBenchmarks?

What if building an application on one framework meant that at the very best your hardware is suitable for one tenth as much load as it would be had you chosen a different framework? The differences aren't always that extreme, but in some cases, they might be. Especially with several modern high-performance frameworks offering respectable developer efficiency, it's worth knowing what you're getting into.

Ok, so what's this project about? Why could this be useful?

When you want to add a new test into the TechEmpower/FrameworkBenchmarks project, you are required to add a file called with the start and stop configuration. If you are not in python or if you aren't interested in reading another doc/man page, you could end with a bad setup file, as bad as my first attempt.

Or maybe, you just don't want to manually update your file when the interface changes...

Now you just need to fill this form and you'll get a customized Also, you should download the setup.json too in order to uptade your for future changes.

Have an existing auto-generated setup? Just drag your setup.json file into your browser and the form will be filled in with your previous values!


The name of the test portion.
The path of the configuration file where the url for the db connection is set.
The name of the generated process. Required for the 'stop' step.


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